Trolleybuses in Bucharest

The passengers are obliged to validate the ticket without delay when boarding the vehicle. The ticket is valid for one trip, any transfer implies a new validation. The tickets and season tickets procured from RATB distribution network will be used accordingly. Validated tickets, season tickets or nominal season tickets are not transmissible.

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The passengers must have a valid ticket (ticket, season ticket or magnetic card) before boarding.

The following categories of persons are exempted from payment:

  • children under 7 years;
  • veterans, disabled, the Heroes and the successors of the injured or dead in the Revolution of December - according to special card issued by RATB

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    Trolleybus #79

    Route: Bd.Basarabia(4.40, 23.00),Baba Novac, Popa Nan, Pache Protopopescu, Str. Iancu Cavaler de Flondor, Str. Traian, Bd. Dacia, Bd. Lascar Catargiu, Str. Gheorghe Manu, Str. Occidentului Str. Polizu, Calea Grivitei, Bd. Gheorghe Duca, Gara de Nord(4.45, 22.50)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 12/19
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 17/35

    Trolleybus #85

    Route: Str.Baicului(4.40, 22.52), Bd. Garii Obor, Bd.Ferdinand, Bd. Carol I, Bd. Elisabeta, Cal.Plevnei, Mircea Vulcanescu, Gara de Nord(4.38, 22.52)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 5/9
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 7/18

    Trolleybus #86

    Route: Stadionul National(4.05, 22.40), Matei Voievod, Pache Protopopescu,Str. Iancu Cavaler de Flondor, Str. Traian, Bd. Dacia, Bd. Lascar Catargiu, Str. Gheorghe Manu, Str. Occidentului Str. Polizu, Calea Grivitei, Bd. Bucurestii Noi, Str. Pajurei(4.44, 22.00)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 10/15
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 12/75

    Trolleybus #90

    Route: Stadionul National(4.20, 22.30), Matei Voievod, Bd. Carol I,Bd. Elisabeta, Eroii Sanitari, Carol Davila, Dr. Taberei, Valea Ialomitei(5.21, 21.25)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 10/14
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 13/61

    Trolleybus #91

    Route: Valea Ialomitei(4.40,22.45), Drumul Taberei, Eroii Sanitari, Bd. Elisabeta, Piata Rosetti(5.18,23.22)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 7/12
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 9/19

    Trolleybus #92

    Route: Barajul Dunarii(4.50, 22.40), L. Rebreanu, Nicolae Grigorescu, str. Dristor, Bd. Carol I, Bd. Elisabeta, Calea Plevnei, Vasile Parvan(5.28,23.18)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 10/14
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 15/40

    Trolleybus #93

    Route: Valea Ialomitei(5.30,22.45), Drumul Taberei, G-ral V. Milea, Sos. Cotroceni, M. Vulcanescu, Str. Garii de Nord, Gara de Nord(4.50, 23.19)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 10/16
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 15/23

    Trolleybus #96

    Route: Dep. Alexandria(4.50,23.03), Sos. Alexandriei, Antiaeriana, Dr. Rainer, Eroilor, Splaiul Independentei, M. Vulcanescu, Gara de Nord(5.28, 22.30)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 7/9
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 8/33

    Trolleybus #97

    Route: Straulesti(4.20,23.00), Bd. Bucurestii Noi, Calea Grivitei, Polizu, Occidentului, Sfintii Voievozi(4.59, 22.03)
    MidWeek Frequency (min/max): 6/10
    WeekEnd Frequency (min/max): 8/41

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