History of Bucharest

Bucharest is not an old city, its existence first being referred to by scholars as late as 1459. Since then it has gone through a variety of changes, becoming the state capital of Romania in 1862 and steadily consolidating its position as the centre of the Romanian mass media, culture and arts. Its eclectic architecture is a mix of historical, interbellum, communist-era and modern.

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Old Bucharest Pictures
Discover Old Bucharest in Picture... read more

Bucharest Medieval History
Archaeological excavations, different tools discovered in the area of actual place of Bucharest city have revealed evidence of ancient settlements, some over 150, 000 years old.<... read more

Bucharest Modern History
The Popular Upreasing from 1821 represents the moment of the beginning of the Modern Period of the Bucharest City. At the beginning of 19th century, there can be distinguished a ... read more

Bucharest Contemporary History
After the Second World War, the settlement of the 'people's power' creates the favourable conditions to appeareance of communist's dictatorship which had maintained its power til... read more

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